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Savant Home ControlSavant’s Apple®-based Smart Home Solutions are designed to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and simplicity, providing each user with a streamlined smart home technology experience. From simple media room control to a fully integrated whole-house audio, video and automation system, or even non-invasive retrofit solutions with very little wiring — Savant can meet the demands of any installation.

Careful consideration of your lifestyle

Savant’s residential Smart Home Solutions can be easily customized to fuse seamlessly with your personal décor and aesthetic taste.

Imagine big, start small

Based on modular designs and complete scalability, Savant’s SmartSystems are engineered to be expandable and allow for future home control upgrades. Enhancing the features of your smart home as time and lifestyle permits is a breeze.

Automation & Control

Savant puts you in complete command of virtually any appliance, device or technology in your home. And you can retain the same level of control from a half-a-world away using your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Home Theatre

From a streamlined media room, to a full-blown luxury home theatre, Savant can deliver a rich and dynamic viewing and listening experience while also maintaining uninterrupted access to critical whole house technologies.

Whole-House Audio & Video

Savant's multi-room audio & video solutions provide easy access and distribution to vast libraries of media from any room in the house.

Intelligent Lighting

Savant provides one-touch access to numerous intelligent lighting schemes tailored to any lifestyle. As an example, one simple tap on your iPad or iPod touch remote can activate your exterior floodlights and turn off all interior lighting for night-time security and energy efficiency.

Climate Control

Savant’s home automation technology enables homeowners to monitor heating and cooling systems with total control of thermostats, window shades and draperies.

Safety & Security

Left home in a hurry? With a single press of a button from an iPhone, homeowners can lock exterior doors, activate their security system and view surveillance cameras.


Achieve complete in-home and external communication through robust iPad intercom features and a full IP integrated phone system from Savant.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy green technology from Savant allows homeowners to reduce energy consumption, conserve resources and save money, all without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


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