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Listen to the radio in the shower or while reading the morning paper, your favourite CD while preparing dinner, classic background music while dining or party music all over your home - whatever you want!

Don't forget that, weather permitting, your garden is very much part of your home and multiroom can really enhance those summer barbeques. How about speakers on the patio, by the pool or even in the garden itself, there are even Garden Subwoofers!

The Home Control Systems offered by Futurehome, Savant; Control 4 and RTi, all have their own Multi-Room Audio solutions but we also offer other systems which can be stand-alone or integrated into a Control System environment

Nuvo AudioWired Systems - No matter your style or musical taste, NuVo has the perfect audio system to match. Through meticulous attention to design, their audio engineers have created life-oriented sound systems to deliver your music to you with the exceptional sound clarity of a live listening experience. "It's about each and every detail of the music, from the thunder of that low B string on a five-string electric bass to the subtleties or not-so-subtleties of the cymbals in the drum kit," explains Brian Dotson, Senior Project Engineer. With over 1,000 recognized world instruments, NuVo strives to perfect the reproduction of each and every one.

And precision is only part of a NuVo system. The rest is unleashing your music wherever you want, whenever you want. Their professionally installed systems can deliver hundreds of thousands of Internet Radio Stations, content from your iPod, music stored on your computer, music streaming services from Napster, Spotify and more - and come in several designs to meet the specific needs of your home as well as your listening preferences, with different variations of room coverage and power. This magic happens out of sight too, with equipment concealed out-of-view and wiring hidden in the walls. All you see are elegant, wall-mounted and hand-held controls. All you hear is bliss.

Wireless Systems

Life is just better with the right soundtrack, so setting your life to music should be easy.  Whether it's jamming by the pool, waking up to the perfect morning playlist, or even browsing the near-infinite variety of Internet Radio with friends, the music you choose to fill your moments should always sound crisp and clear, while being right at your fingertips.  This is the luxury NuVo offers -- audio that sounds as if the band is right in front of you, effortlessly accessible through their wireless whole home audio systems.  Developed by audiophiles for audiophiles, their systems reproduce every instrumental detail with unfailing clarity, from the deepest bass to the highest ting, because your home, your life, deserves the total range audio experience.

Sonos Wireless HiFiThe Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers all the music on earth, in every room, with deep, richly textured sound.  Sonos is the only system that combines HiFi sound with high-performance wireless.  Plus it’s simple to set-up, control and expand so you can easily fill your home with music.

HiFi Sound Meets Rock-Solid Wireless - Experience your favorite music from the only system that combines rich HiFi sound with high-performance wireless.

Stream All The Music On Earth - Enjoy a universe of music in every room— your iTunes® library, your favorite music services, and more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows.  Music services vary by region.

Easy To Set Up - No rewiring. No complex programming. Simply connect a Sonos component to your router and wirelessly link all your players with one touch.

Control Your Way - Search, browse and play your music with the free Sonos Controller Apps for Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

Start With One, Expand Anywhere - Add as many Sonos players as you want throughout your home, wirelessly.  Play different songs in any room or the same song everywhere, in perfect sync.


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