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Property Developers

The best and most cost-effective time to plan for home technology is when a property is being built, adding significant value at a very low cost.

Futurehome has a long experience working with developers and architects, designing systems that ensure the basic infrastructure is in place to support today’s - and tomorrow’s – technological requirements.

Choose The Right Platform

Different people and different types of home will have varying ambition levels when it comes to technological requirements – ranging from multi-room audio and HD video distribution right up to lighting and climate controls systems. Futurehome offers different platforms with increasing capability levels, all designed to ensure that the right cabling is in the right place to facilitate easy connection of systems throughout the home.

Precise Planning

Futurehome provides detailed plans to allow building contractors to install cabling with precisely the right specification as part of the build process, saving time and cost, as well as building value into the overall project. Pre-wiring gives peace of mind with the knowledge that future entertainment and control expectations can be easily realised without complexity or disruption.

Supply or Install

Futurehome will also supply all cabling and termination to fulfill the proposed specification, keeping cost to the minimum. Alternatively an installation service is available using our own experienced technicians. Ultimately when the time comes to take full advantage of Futurehome’s advance planning, we offer the knowledge and expertise to advise on choosing the ideal entertainment and control systems, which extends to supply, installation and commissioning.

The Futurehome Handbook

All pre-wiring platforms from Futurehome come with a handbook that sets out – clearly and simply – the facilities that the system offers. It sets out the location choices for different components – TV screens, control points and audio options, allowing householders to easily install the desired elements as and when they are ready to do so.

Alexander James Group Services – Interior Design, Internal Architecture, Kitchens, and Fitted Furniture

The Alexander James Group offers a wide range of services for new homes. This includes experienced internal architectural services [link] for optimised space planning, lighting and small power circuit design, bathrooms and joinery. Fabulous Italian designer kitchens including the iconic Pedini range are available from our Lida Cucina division [link], and Alexander James Interior Design [link] has a market-leading reputation in designing and furnishing show homes to achieve maximum value and rapid sales rates.


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